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Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services Providers Site

This site contains information about certification, tools for providers, and more.

Provider news and updates

Website Changes

Changes to the provider website have been made, making it easier to find information as well as expanding content to a wider range of topics.

  • News and Training is now available under the Quick Links on the homepage.
  • Roles and Responsibilities is now available under the Quick Links on the homepage. This section will explain the relationship between Service Facilitators, Providers and Funding Specialists.
  • Frequently Asked Questions is now Questions and has been expanded to include frequently asked questions and answers about certification, documentation, service authorization, billing and payment and money management.
  • Tools is now Resources and Forms with all the documents and forms reorganized by topic.
  • Additional contacts have been added.


Email Encryption

In order to comply with new HIPAA laws, the agency is now emailing sensitive information in an encrypted format. Encrypted emails are emails that are encoded so that someone without a password cannot read the contents.For instructions on how to open encrypted emails, click here.


Provider Search

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